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10th Anniversary



訊樂教育为亚洲的学习者提供美國認可大學博士及碩士教育專業學位學習機會、 英国1级至6级资格课程, 特別在如下领域: (1) 工商管理;(2) 酒店管理;(3) 房地产和建筑; 及(4) 音乐和表演艺术。。  訊樂集团与英国端点评估组织和英国 Ofqual 奖励组织密切合作。  此外,訊樂还积极参与国际教育服务, 并与英国伦敦訊樂学院、英国伦敦加能学院和英国剑桥国际学院合作, 共同组织了各种在线教育项目。( 


O2O Education

Online Education

Lifelong Education

O2O 教育

Sloane Education


Sloane Education ("Sloane") offers learning opportunities from recognized US Universities in PhD(Education), EdD and Master's degrees in Educational discipline.  Besides, Sloane also provides British Ofqual Level 1 to Level 6 qualification programs to learners in Asia in the domains of (1) Business Administration; (2) Hospitality Management;  (3) Real Estate and Construction; and (4) Musical and Performing Arts.   Sloane Group works closely with UK End Point Assessment Organization and Ofqual Awarding Organizations.   Besides, Sloane is actively participating in International Education Services in collaboration with and jointly organized online educational programs with Sloane College London UK, Canary College London UK and Cambridge International College UK in various programs.  (   

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